Lisa Maloney

Lisa Maloney - Senior & Junior Open Solo's                       Click Here to View Lisa's Bio




Lesley Scott - Classical and Jazz Championships                Click Here to View Lesley's Bio    

                     Solo's- Restricted / Novice  


Josef Brown

Josef Brown - Classical Scholarship                                   Click Here to View Josef's Bio


Katherine Griffiths - Classical Scholarship                         Click Here to View Katherines Bio


Cindy Delaney

Cindy Delaney - Classical & Small Theatrical Groups         Click Here to View Cindy's Bio

                        Solo's Restricted / Novice and Duo's



Matilda Moran - Vocal                                                     Click Here to View Matilda's Bio




Keiron Kulik

Kieron Kulik - Education Groups                                     Click Here to View Kieron's Bio